According to EVN, in the context of the power system is under pressure to ensure electricity supply, especially after 2020 when the country has no new sources of exploitation, the development of solar projects in which solar roofotop power is considered as one of the solutions to reduce the pressure on the power industry.

Solar energy in Vietnam is available year-round, quite stable and widely distributed in different regions of the country. In particular, the average number of sunny days in the provinces of the Central and Southern regions is about 300 days/year. Solar energy can be harnessed for two uses: electricity generation and heat supply.

Solar rooftop system installation consultancy services
  • Consulting on compilating solar technical design documents, calculating economic efficiency when implementing projects
  • Providing the package of solar rooftop system installation for factories, households, companies,…
  • Discussing with related authorities to attain agreements on grid connection and purchasing of solar power.
  • Purchasing and supplying construction equipment for solar rooftop system: PV panels, inverters, mechanical frame systems,….
Warranty policies
PEC’s warranty policies PV panel i accordance with manufacturer’s warranty policies  12 – 15 years
  PV performance in 25 years > 80% 
  Inverter and mechanical frame 5 years
  Materials and equipment of the system 2 years
  Periodic maintenance 1 time/ 6 months (first 2 years)
Solar rooftop system benefits

Solar rooftop system benefits:

  • Reduce monthly electricity cost
  • Reduce the overload for the power industry and transmission lines
  • High investment efficiency: about 5 years payback period, 25 years system life
  • Contribute to environment protection, not producing CO2.