EVN will provide maximum support for rooftop solar investors

Despite great potentials and benefits, rooftop solar power in Vietnam has not strongly developed. What are the solutions for this problem?

Why do we have to develop rooftop solar power?

According to Mr. Tran Dinh Nhan – General Director of EVN, in 2017, after the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 11 on the mechanism to encourage the development of solar power, large capacity projects have experienced strong development. However, investors focus too much on areas with high radiation intensity and easy access to premises (South Central provinces). This creates great pressure on the transmission grid; some plants are not able to generate full capacity, thereby affecting investment efficiency.

Facing the above situation, rooftop solar power is a highly-effective solution to ensure energy security, because its superior advantage is direct connection to the existing low-voltage grid of EVN. However, up to now, the whole country has only 1,800 owners of solar power system with installed capacity of about 30 MWp, the power output generated to the grid reaches nearly 4 million kWh – humble amount compared to the current potentials.

At the seminar “Promoting the development of rooftop solar power in Vietnam”, Ms. Nguyen Thi Khanh – Director of the Green Development Center (GreenID) said that Vietnam has over 11 million households. If this resource is effectively exploited, it will contribute to greatly reducing pressure on the power system and the transmission grid.

According to energy experts, rooftop solar power can also be implemented in the form of sharing: EVN shares the power grid for investors; households share the roof; Investors can invest capital, equipment, etc. When installing rooftop solar power, households not only reduce electricity costs but also contribute to reducing power pressure for EVN.

How to promote?

The development of rooftop solar power in Vietnam remains obstacles, because there is no official guidance on how to deal with electricity bills to customers; investment costs are high; Customers are afraid of lacking information about product quality, construction unit, installation, operation, etc.

According to Ms. Nguy Thi Khanh, in the coming time, the authorities need to promote communication, so that households can understand the benefits as well as investment capital, rooftop solar power connection techniques; The State should have policies such as tax exemption or credit support while the system has not been refunded.

In addition, there should be a mechanism for sponsors, banks, investors, manufacturers, international and domestic organizations to also participate extensively, providing attractive solutions and service packages to encourage them. Customers invest and use rooftop solar power…

In particular, the Ministry of Industry and Trade should soon issue a Circular amending Circular 16/2017, so that EVN and power units can sign contracts and pay electricity bills to customers while developing technical standards for rooftop solar power to ensure quality, safety and efficiency for customers as well as the grid system.

From EVN, Mr. Tran Dinh Nhan said that they are committed to meeting all requirements of households and businesses such as simplifying connection procedures; timely payment of electricity bills after issuing Circular of ministries/agencies; free installation of two-way meters, etc. EVN will be pioneering in propaganda and installation of rooftop solar power so that families and businesses can aware of the benefits and efficiency from specific models.

Source: Vietnam Electricity (EVN)

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