Hanwha PV pannel is highly rated among the top 5 in the world with the exclusive Q CELL Q.Plus technology, the latest 72 cell Perc technology.

In PV pannel technology, solar energy is converted directly into electricity by semiconductor photovoltaic cells, or solar cells, made from semiconductor materials.

Solar systems have the advantage of being simple, no moving parts, less regular maintenance requirement, compact,easy installation.

PV pannel information
– Manufacturer HANWHA (South Korea) HANWHA Q.PLUS LG4.2 345
– Capacity: 345Wp / pannel
– Type: Poly – 4Busbar
– Performance: 17.3%
– Followed strict standards: CSA (USA), TUV, CE, ISO …
– Product warranty: 12 years; perrformance warranty >80% up to 25 years.
– Origin: MALAYSIA

Hanwha Group Information 
Hanwha Group, established in 1952, is one of the 10 largest corporations in Korea and is in the Top 500 largest economic groups worldwide. Hanwha’s extensive global operating network reaches 198 member companies, 52 of which are in Korea and 146 in in more than 19 countries and regions around the world, including Vietnam.

Features of Sungrow Inverter
Less noise: Inverter Sungrow has cooling abilit, creates lesss noise.
Easy to install: Sungrow Inverter is designed to be quite small. The product is easy to install and operate conveniently, automatically operate when plugging in.
Information: APP SolarInfo Home smartphone is available to monitor system data. Easy remote monitoring system as well as WiFi access via Sungrow SolarInfo Bank.
Real-time data of the inverter can be sent to SolarInfo Bank’s server to check the status of the plant’s operation. Periodically upload devices running data to the monitoring platform.
LCD monitors are supported for flexible testing and operation.
Upload device error data in a timely manner to pinpoint errors.

Currently Sungrow Inverter has 3 types on the market: models 3kw, 5kw, 1phase. Depending on the usagae demand, we choose the appropriate inverter model.

3kw Sungrow Inverter is used mainly for households. This inverter is designed for residential solar power solutions.

5kw Sungrow Inverter is designed for commercial solar power systems such as systems for businesses, factories …

The Sungrow 1 phase Inverter model is the inverter used for solar power plants. This inverter is capable of flexible application and intelligent integration programs. Products easily integrated into the grid, equipped with SVG Function, fast response with reactive power control, to meet coordination needs.