PEC is proud of our professional staffs, which is a harmonious combination of experienced energy consultants and young, dynamic and creative engineers.

PEC advises on design profiles:

  • Supplementing the planning of solar power plants, wind power plants, gas power plants
  • Preparing feasibility study reports & basic design
  • Preparing technical design files – construction drawings
  • Calculating electrical system connections
  • Preparing estimates and analyzing investment efficiency of energy projects
  • The software PEC is using
  • Design consulting, construction management, project management
  • Developing projects and services


Pvsyst is one of the highly rated solar design software in the professional community. PVsyst specializes in designing grid-tied, off-grid, hybrid, solar pump systems…


Windpro is a specialized wind power design software that simulates high-potential wind areas and the annual electricity production results from wind power plants.


ETAP is a software that designs, simulates, operates, controls, optimizes and automates generation, transmission, distribution and industrial electrical systems.


is a professional software in 3D perspective simulation, interior / exterior design decoration for construction works. The advantage of Sketchup comes from the ability to integrate many tools with powerful graphics capabilities, vivid visualization, and effective support for design. In addition, Sketchup also supports shading survey simulation for solar power systems.


ETABS is a software for modeling, analyzing and designing high-rise buildings. With over 40 years of continuous research and development, the latest ETABS with the most advanced 3D design simulation and modeling capabilities ever. With linear and nonlinear analysis technology, support for many types of materials, quickly export descriptions and detailed drawings, and easily check analysis and design results.


SAP 2000 is a program for analyzing, calculating and designing structures in the fields of structural works such as construction, transportation, irrigation, etc. SAP 2000 provides powerful calculation support features. many types of structures work in many different states under the effect of many types of loads.