Maintenance is the prerequisite activity for maintaining the performance of any power plant. Any fail of a device or a process leads to the risk of power plant unavailability, even to equipment damage.

Experience from the world shows that, if investing properly to do well the maintenance works, it can bring many benefits such as increasing the power plant operation time and revenue of the business to 15% -20%, increasing machine life, reducing 10% -15% of repair costs, reducing 10% -20% of energy consumption …

Understanding that, PEC provides maintenance services, analysis, evaluation and optimization of power plant operation. With qualified legal recorđ, a team of experienced technical experts, PEC ensures to provide the best operation and maintenance services to meet the needs of customers.

1. Power Plant Monitoring

PEC monitors plant and substation operation procedures.

  • Make sure the operations are done properly.
  • Perform periodic inspection and maintenance based on equipment’s requirements.

2. SCADA Monitoring

PEC monitors SCADA system to:

  • Collect daily data of power plant
  • Analyze and handle measures for direct operators; simulate, diagnose plant operating status, equipment’s status, fault prediction and problem inspection
  • Provide optimized solutions for troubleshooting in soonest time, minimize the unavaible time of power plant

3. Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is conducted to keep equipment working and/or maintain the life of the equipment.Combinign with analized data, PEC provides fault alert timely and appropriately.

4. Corrective Maintenance

According to each type of error, experts from PEC will be present at the factory within 24 hours after the error. With a team of experienced experts on the equipment of the power plant, PEC provides the best solutions to ensure the resume of power plant normal operation.

If the spare parts or the vendor supports are required, requesting the Owner’s cost burden, PEC will ask for the Owner’s approval.

5. Spare Parts Management

PEC performs warranty management of main equipment of power plant,  updates the warranty period in accordance with the Service Provider’s policy after equipment fluctuations during operation (repair, replacement, upgrade, lifecycle …). In which, spare parts are extremely focused by PEC to ensure timely replacement when equipment failures occur.

6. Báo cáo

PEC sends periodic reports to the Owner. The list of reports includes:

Weekly Report: Comparison between the designed and on-site parameters: power output, system performance, capacity, solar radiation, meteorological station data.

Monthly report: The report will include but are not limited to the following information:

  • Main events.
  • Energy produced from each inverter and from the entire facility.
  • Energy imported from the grid.
  • Meteorological data.
  • Performance Ratio.
  • Availability.
  • Executed preventive maintenance.
  • Executed corrective maintenance.
  • Preventive maintenance planned for the next month.
  • Spare parts status/propose to purchase spare parts.
  • Equipment’s warranty status.
  • The simulation results, diagnosis and forecast of the operation of the plant equipment.

Reports are made under check-list form for each area, items and equipment cluster. The summary report is including check-list.

Emergency report of incidents: PEC recommends that the operators provide emergency report of incidents as soon as they happen. After the incidents are solved, PEC will send a report to Owner.

Report when problems are solved