Nowadays, households and businesses want to save costs by looking for units installing cheap solar power systems. Therefore, they all experience poor quality equipment, a team of lowly-skilled engineers and lack of knowledge in installing and operating solar power systems.

Those reasons result in physical damage, unsafety for both solar power systems and owners.

1. How to install solar power system properly?

Currently, solar power is of importance for daily life and business activities of enterprises and installing solar power system is equally important. This requires a team of highly-skilled engineers in this field to ensure the exact installation for the safety of the solar power system.

The correct installation process brings safety to the solar power system
The correct installation process brings safety to the solar power system

In addition, it is required that the transportation of panels and other equipment is not distorted, damaged or broken, affecting the installation of the solar power system. After installation is complete, operation and maintenance must be regularly checked for optimal efficiency.

2. Benefits from solar power system

2.1. Electricity-saving bills

Electricity costs in daily life and production are increasing and power cuts often occur during the hot season. Therefore, installing solar power systems for households, farms or businesses helps saving electricity costs significantly and being proactive in case of power shortages, power outages, intermittent electricity etc. thanks to the rooftop solar power system.

Electricity-saving bills
Electricity-saving bills

2.2. Cooling roofs

Installing a rooftop solar power system not only helps saving electricity costs, but also keeps the roof cool and reduces the natural impact on the house.

Cooling roofs
Cooling roofs

The solar radiation is absorbed into the panels to generate electricity for household and business activities.

2.3 Create jobs for the abundant labor force in Vietnam

To have high quality panels for the solar power system, a team of experienced production workers is needed.

Create jobs for the abundant labor force in Vietnam
Create jobs for the abundant labor force in Vietnam

Besides, make sure to transport panels and equipment in the safest way to the place required by customers. Moreover, it is necessary to have a team of consultancy, design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance the entire solar power system.

Thanks to this, a lot of job opportunities for Vietnamese people are created, accelerating the development of the economy and society.

2.4 Positive impacts on the environment

Installing solar panels on the roof helps absorb harmful UV rays that have positive impacts on the environment.

Positive impacts on the environment
Positive impacts on the environment

It also minimizes the greenhouse effects, water pollution, contributing significantly to the environmental protection.

2.5 Applicable throughout Vietnam

Vietnam has a temperate climate, hot weather all year round with quite high temperatures, so the installation and use of solar power systems is increasingly developing in the Vietnamese market.

The installation of solar power for businesses and factories can save electricity costs and create “a green business”.

2.6 Safety with the power grid.

Using solar power will cause less damage to equipment in case of power overload, natural disasters or other unexpected incidents.

Solar energy provides a large source of electricity and available in any situations as well as enhancing the security of the power grid.


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